Turkey Trot

Russell Dougherty PTO uses a check writing campaign as its primary fundraising program because 100% of the proceeds go directly to the school. We do not ask families to sell any goods because the school receives only a portion of the proceeds from those sales.

The money raised is used to purchase classroom technology (e.g., computers and document cameras), support buses for field trips, enrichment clusters, as well as many other programs which all directly benefit our kids’ learning

This year, our goal is to reach 80% participation in our Turkey Trot Campaign and raise $32,000. 

We do not want to put a specific amount on each person because we understand that every family has a unique financial situation.  We only ask that you contribute at a level that you feel comfortable giving.  For us to reach our goal, we would need to average $110 per child but we understand that some families can do more and some less.  A child who brings in 25 cents of his own allowance will count!  If we reach our goal, we are finished fundraising for the year.  This is a huge incentive!

If you are a parent interested in "sponsoring" an additional student or you can make a gift of a higher amount, we thank you for your consideration.  Gifts to the Russell Dougherty PTO are tax deductible, which makes a Turkey Trot donation a great option for year-end giving.  And, you can be assured that your gift will make a difference since 100% of our Turkey Trot Campaign donations go directly to the school.

Our check writing campaign is partnered with our annual Turkey Trot 1 mile fun run, scheduled for Friday, November 8th.  Russell Dougherty Turkey Trot takes place during the school day at Edmond North High School. Children can ask family members, neighbors, and friends to sponsor them for the annual Turkey Trot as a means to help offset the $110.00 per child goal.  

We begin accepting tax deductible donations starting on Information Day which will be credited to your child in the Turkey Trot contests or you can turn in your donations closer to the Turkey Trot date.

And if you like, budget installment plans are available for those who would like to pledge monthly. Please talk to our Treasurer, Lisa Hazzard, or any of the PTO Board members and we will be happy to help you!

The support the PTO is able to give to Russell Dougherty is one of the things that makes RD a great school and it is your support of this campaign that makes the PTO’s support possible.